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Wednesday After Bootcamp

Warm-Up: Pray: "God help me to not live in fear but to live in the freedom that you offer us through your spirit" Read 2 Corinthains 3:16-18. Write out verse 17 in your journal.

Round 1: What are some things that scare you? Write one big one in your journal. Now think about how your daily life could be different if you choose to live in the freedom Christ offers you.

Round 2: Think back to Bootcamp and a moment when you had to rely on God for something. Now think of a time when things were easy. Write down one way these situations differ from each other.

Round 3: Take a few minutes to think about what steps you can take for you to grow in your faith. For example, set aside a specific time to read the bible more, pray, be patient with those around you, etc. Create a list in your journal. 

Burnout: Look up the definition of the word Rhythm and write it down in your journal. What would freedom look like if you it were part of the rhythm of your faith?

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Tuesday After Bootcamp

Warm-Up: Read 2 Thessalonians 3:7-9 out loud and write down 3 things that stood out to you in this passage.

Round 1: Pray: "God, help me to see you in the small moments when I am working hard as well as the big movie moments. Help me to be a worthy example to those around me." What was your favorite moment of bootcamp? Write about it in your journal.

Round 2: Think about the times that you served others at bootcamp. How did serving those around you change you? Why is serving important to you? Take some time to think and write down your answers in your journal.

Round 3: Think about your day, what you will be doing and who you will see today. What are some ways that you can put others first by serving them today? Write them down.

Burnout: Draw a cross in your journal and think about the example Jesus set when he chose to go to the cross and give his life for us. Under the cross, write the words "Thank you."

Listen to "Mercy" on YouTube here: Write out as many of the lyrics as you can in your journal.

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