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Monday After Bootcamp

You were pushed farther than you thought you could go last week. You made it. Not only did you make it, you're stronger now than you were one week ago. What if you kept going and didn't stop? It's time for you to push yourself. How bad do you want it? Here's a workout. GET AFTER IT!

Warm-Up: Pray: "God, help me to stay focused on you and your word without the influence of Bootcamp this week. Holy Spirit, help me to want to pursue your heart." Read 2 Timothy 2:14-26.

Round 1: We were made to live in community and grow with those around us. Take a few minutes to think about the people who encouraged you at Bootcamp and encourage 3 other people today to keep pursuing God this week.

Round 2: Sometimes we get caught up with all the things going on in our daily lives that we forget to be still and to live simply before God. In your journal, write down 4 things you could do to simplify your life.

Round 3: Fellowship is an important factor of our everyday lives, what are some ways that you experienced fellowship at Bootcamp? Write down 2 ways you could experience fellowship this week?

Burnout: Take a minute to look over the rest of your summer and the upcoming school year. Write down some ways that you can stand firm and be an example to others.

Listen to "Lionhearted" on YouTube here: Make sure to read the lyrics while you listen by clicking SHOW MORE in the info area below the video but above the comments.

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Thursday Before Bootcamp - Words of Life Are A Thing

Words of life are a thing

The Wednesday of Bootcamp (August 2, 7:00pm) will be a Night of Music with Andrew Greer. It's going to be awesome and anyone can come so invite your friends and family to come out. Historia will be serving coffee and there will be other refreshments too so bring a couple dollars!

Warm-Up: Pray: "Jesus, I want you to be the leader of my life. Help me to speak words of life the way you do." Read Matthew 12:34.

Round 1: Write down the initials of your three closest friends. Honestly evaluate if they speak life to you or if they speak in harmful ways. Circle their initials if they speak life.

Round 2: What one word or phrase do you feel like you need to stop saying? Write the word or phrase down and then cross it out. Now ask a friend what you need to stop saying.

Round 3: Today, use your words to encourage at least five people. Write down their names at the end of the day.

Burnout: If you know someone that is going to bootcamp, ask them if they would join you and commit to speaking words of life during bootcamp and call each other out if either of you don't.

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