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Who's Serving Who?

Warm-Up: Pray: "Jesus, change the way I see the people around me. Help me see them as more important than myself. Help me serve them well." Read Matthew 20:25-28 out loud.

Round 1: Write down the different types of people mentioned in this passage (rulers, officials, servants, etc.). Now circle the most important group.

Round 2: In your journal, write out the phrase "People serve me." Next to that phrase write the phrase "I serve people." Now think about these two phrases and circle the one that BEST describes how you relate to others.

Round 3: Jesus flips our idea of greatness upside down in this passage. Verse 28 says that Jesus came to serve. Make a list of 5 ways Jesus served people when He walked the earth.

Burnout: Pray: "Jesus, I see how the powerful people in my world sometimes abuse their power and how the people with authority sometimes abuse their authority. This isn't how your kingdom works. Instead, I want to be great in your kingdom so I will choose to be a servant. I want to be first in your kingdom so I will serve people like you served people. Help me to consider the needs of others as more important than my own." Today, when you feel yourself start to rise up to demand something, remind yourself to back down and consider the needs of others as more important than your own.

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